Podcast Sponsor – Video


Podcasts are fantastic ways to disseminate information and to capture a wider audience. They will not only be broadcasted from iTunes & Stitcher, but will also be added as a blog post to STHV and shared out to all of our social media channels & even on YouTube.  These episodes will always be available as long as youtube exists, so your sponsorship spot can be seen in perpetuity.

Here’s how it works! We take the audio of our podcast and add a video with a repeating image slideshow relating to the podcast topic. Your logo will be part of the slideshow & listed in the video description.

The STHV podcast is designed to educate and inspire others. We are interviewing people that have created or are creating tiny house communities. People who are experts on various topics concerning communities. People who are living in a community and want to share their experiences.

There are 2 target audiences:

1) People who want to live in a tiny house community.

2) People who want to create a tiny house community.