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Since  its inception in March 2018, has built a solid platform with a wide-reaching & desperately needed service within the Tiny House Movement. 

Traffic is generated by:

  • By earning top spots on google Search Results through original, viral content.  
  • Bringing a STHV booth & speaker to tiny house festivals about once a month.
  • Paid advertisement on social media channels.
We have the #1 & #2 spots for “Tiny House Village” & “Tiny House Villages” keywords on the google search engine results page.

On most websites, a visitor spends less than 2 or 3 minutes on the entire site. On STHV, the average visitor session is almost 6 minutes (5 minutes 48 seconds to be exact). 

In addition to your selected sponsorship placement, all sponsors will also be showcased on our Sponsors page during their sponsorship period.

Your sponsorship monies will be fed directly back into STHV to improve and increase functionality, which serves to bring in more traffic and create a stronger movement for everyone. Some of the monies will fund advertising STHV on social media, search engines & other websites.

STHV has an aggressive & detailed roadmap that will radically improve the hurdles within the tiny house movement. Some sponsorship monies will fund contributors & coders to knock out each item on the roadmap. 



Home Page Slider


This ideally located sponsorship opportunity places your 1120px wide advert at the top of the homepage within the slideshow. This page receives the most traffic on the website. Commit to 3 or 12 months to save!

Site Footer

Place your logo at the bottom of the website, on EVERY PAGE of the website. It will also be featured on the Sponsors Page. Your logo will link directly to your website.

This 150 pixel x 150 pixel sample will be the actual size of your logo.

When each page is generated, the footer will randomly select logos to display from the pool of sponsors. This ensures that each sponsor gets equal visibility



Podcasts are fantastic ways to disseminate information and to capture a wider audience. They will not only be broadcasted from iTunes & Stitcher, but will also be added as a blog post to STHV and shared out to all of our social media channels & even on YouTube.  These episodes will always be available for decades to come, so your sponsorship spot will exist in perpetuity.

Your 30 second spot will play in the middle of the podcast, and can be read by STHV host, Jill Kanto or we can roll your prepared audio.



Now your company can get the exposure only available at tiny house festivals, without having to incur the expenses of traveling, creating a booth, your own materials and paying employees to work the booth!


Blog Post

Become a highlighted sponsor! An experienced copywriter will create a 450-550 word blog post about your company & its services or products that will be displayed on STHV and shared across all of its media channels.

This type of sponsorship lives on in perpetuity. It will never expire.

Featured Sponsorship

Want to be a sponsor in the brightest of spotlights?

Become a featured sponsor! Your company name will be shown under the STHV logo throughout the entire website and on our social media channelsduring your sponsorship period.


Donate Without A Reward

YOU are the hero behind

Thank you so much for choosing to donate! 

We reserve the right to dissaprove companies that do not share our ideals. Any monies paid will be immediately refunded.​