Jill Kanto, Creator of SearchTinyHouseVillages.com

Hello! I am Jill Kanto – a DIY tiny houser & creator of Search Tiny House Villages. I am a front-end web developer who has been visiting & studying intentional communities since 2013.

Why is it free?

I am passionate about village living and as a fellow tiny houser, I think the juxtaposition of tiny houses & villages presents a solution to a lot of what ails our society. I don’t want there to be any financial hurdles in getting the information out to people, so it is free for people to list AND search for villages.

But aren’t you putting a lot of time & money into this site?

You bet! Fortunately, tiny house living has granted me a bit of spare time and money, but it is quickly depleting those reserves. On top of the site costs, I am traveling to tiny house festivals as a speaker about villages. Additionally, I designed and created a professional booth to tend at each expo, where I bring including a few computers to allow people to search the site right at the festival.

What is next for the site?

I’m open to suggestions, but at the moment, I am leaning towards offering free websites for any tiny house village AND having a document repository where villages can share their policies on various topics, such as conflict resolution, new resident contract, exit contracts, etc so that new and learning villages don’t have to keep reinventing the wheel. But that will be dependant on support from the community.

How can you help?

Know about villages near you? Want to hunt out new villages or call existing villages & verify information? Want to contribute to our blog? Have an idea for the site? Have reward donations for Patreon?  Let me know!

Support us on Patreon

As little as $1 helps cover costs. I need the community’s help (if they’re so inclined) to continue adding villages & features to the site. 

Spread the Word!
Let others know about the site. The more people exposed to the volume of tiny house villages out there, the more strength people will place into the movement.